Such Selfish Machines


Sinful Devices

Us humans have grown to be.

Rage, tear this place apart,

No one knows what’s happening when it all falls apart

When the Red melts the White and Blue, salute;

The New National anthem

Pierces the Veil,

Superiority punctured; blood streams forth.

 When blade slays man,

Have you not become a

Selfish Machine,

A Sinful Device?

Perhaps the Satan of Purity can reconcile you,

Before we all let the rage

Tear this place apart.

A hundred Sleepless Nights proved me wrong

Time and time and time again,

Or at least that’s what my tattoo says.

And somewhere up in heaven; forlorn,

God realizes He wanted the Sinful Devices of the world,

To fall in love with us

Selfish Machines.


There’s a place in my mind
No one knows where it hides
And my fantasy is flying
It’s a castle in the sky

It’s a world of our past
Where the legend still lasts
And the king wears the crown
But the magic spell is law

Take your sword and your shield
There’s a battle on the field
You’re a knight shining bright
So with dragons now you’ll fight

And my fancy is flying
It’s a castle in the sky
Or there’s nothing out there
These are castles in the air

Fairytales live in me
Fables coming from my memory
Fantasy is not a crime
Find your castle in the sky

You’ve got the key
Of the kingdom of the clouds
Open the door
Leaving back your doubts

-Castles in the Sky, by Dj Satomi

Long ago I was told

Of the Old Concrete Hotel

Built with strong, sure hands

From the winding, whispering ground up,

And the girl who dwells within.

Her shadow leads you there,

Deep within the billowy confines of the murky woods.

Through a weaving maze of emeralds that glimmer quietly,

They await their turn to behold the sun.

Her resounding footsteps clamber through and over memories,

Into and above the boughs of trees that support the sky.

Maybe you can see her, just dashing out of sight,

In this Old Concrete Hotel

Built form the ground up,

She resides,

Commander of her kingdom, queen of her domain.

Her laugh bounces in the corridors submerged in shade,

Winding and weaving through doors unseen by you and I.

How she knows the way out of

This Old Concrete Hotel built from the ground up,

I’ll never know.

But she lives here alone,

But never lonely.

From the brink of a stairwell,

I heard her talking into the wind,

From the shrouded eaves,

She swung from vines,

Singing with a sparrow.

It was trailing through the open spaces and closed placesof my dreams,

That I finally met her eye.

In the Old Concrete Hotel,

Built from the ground up,

I searched for her once again,

But it seems she’s taken off again,

Riding the winds.

 old concrete hotel

What happened today,

Shouldn’t have happened.

There is no hand of justification

To tip fate’s scales,

And bring them back.

Bring them all back.

What were they going to learn that day?

Did they continue in excited hushes,

Chattering on,

while the teacher wrote at the board?

Did they get a feeling,

a stirring within,

a warning?

What was their last word, thought, dream?

With both hands, I hang from the clock,

Trying to make it run backwards,

Having no hope it could.

Long ago , I was told

God does not forsake His children.

With shuddering, cold thought,

I grapple with my faith,

Begging myself to believe that.

The children in my class?

Do they not understand?

Do they not care?

To laugh

At slain souls,

Is there no humanity left?

To those lost souls,

I won’t let time wash over this,

Fade it.

I know it will not fade

In the lives of those families.

To those lost souls,

I love you,

I won’t forget you.

Because what happened today

Shouldn’t have happened.

Slay him

rewrite it

it’s the only way out of this game.

But how can that be so,


when who knows who will survive the demon

and fall to certain boss death.

No time for fear,


we can’t stay lost forever in this quest

a prelude to an escapade of dungeons and dragons.

Toss your hair from your face


lead your sword to battle.

I’m here by your side,

together we face off,

back to back

it’s a game.

A simple game.

Then why does it make my heart race?

Pay no heed to that,

we must fight

or face certain boss death.

All City,

burn burn burn

through a glitz of ether and lithium.

Trust me dear city,

the rain was meant

to taste of stale gasoline.

Within the sleeping giant

a million blue flames flicker,

burn burn burn


by a pale shock

of oil and octane.

All City,

your night bears no end

for the cold neon streets.

Flooded by wind

You drink in the lights,


and say a prayer.

Because nothing is as dear to you as

this All City.

Its rigged.

Its hacked.

I laugh,

knowing if I willed it,

this city would

burn burn burn.

But how would I pass my time

if I ceased

to revel in the power

of this wired life?

Suborbital free-faller, spread your arms like wings.

Content within this moment,

Let your soul dance among this blue fire,

I call this to you.

Suborbital free-faller, laugh,

Because for this forever-moment,

Beautiful things seen only by astronauts,

Slide within your fingers,

Rivers to your eyes.

Suborbital free-faller, do you dare jump from the brink of time?

On top of the world you float,

Until the immortal melody

Resounds in your head,

And you are guided home to us.

Her name is Road, she is a character I created for a story!


Looking for the years?

You’ll find them in my watch

Where they click away,

An instantaneous mess.


I’m searching for them in the sky,

The memories I’ve lost

A waste of time,

You’ll find them hardwired in my arm

Along with my nerves.

When I set fire to my home,

And patched my soul with staples,

I kept whispering

through clenched teeth:

Don’t forget.

But something tells me

I won’t.

On October 3rd, the fans of Fullmetal Alchemist celebrate FMA Day, because we believe Fullmetal is so much more than an anime to many of us. Edward Elric, the main character, was more than the millions of other male anime characters. And during those mere 51 episodes, we took Edward’s hand, hopped through the screen, and shadowed him on his journey. Fullmetal touched the lives of many people. I remember tears coming to my eyes as I read the story of a girl who had been in a car accident, which resulted in her leg being amputated. All the color left her world, as did the desire to live. Until she found Fullmetal Alchemist on television, which was a story about a boy, who loses his arm and his leg, but presses forward, lives on, because he knows he must make things right again. She said that was the turning point for her, seeing someone like her accomplish these amazing things gave her hope. Other people I’ve heard of have said that Ed’s bond to his brother Alphonse, brought them closer to their own siblings, or family members.  The death of Ed’s mother helped others through their own grieving, because they felt they could identify with someone who understood their pain.

It made me people laugh, smile, cry. It sparked a love for science and math, filled me with determination. We think of Ed on october 3rd because on that day, he left home, knowing he would not return. It was on that day that Ed opened the door to his future, and locked the door behind him. The key to the door still jangles on its ring, to keep him from forgetting. So, on october 3rd, Fullmetal fans dress up as Ed, plait their hair, stand tall no matter how short, attempt alchemy, draw, paint, write about Ed, because we are not just celebrating Edward Elric, but the way that the Fullmetal Alchemist touched our lives.

Fanart from friends:

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We poured a river

That flowed into an ocean.

I fell asleep somewhere cold

And in the peripheral between consciousness

I realized you’d left.

But were those years thrown to waste?

Its seems like something new

But really,

How can that be true

When the icy clasp of isolation tethered me so slowly.

Our lives were once connected

With a thick, woven rope.

How easily those ties

Became the bane of my memories.

Don’t tell me there was no time,

When it seems I’ve been drowning in it.

I still sleep somewhere cold,

A cold place deep within me.