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Theres a rushing sound in one ear.

Maybe its my heart beating, just to see if it can.

Or my summer wings that will stretch soon enough.

A quiet rain inside me,

falls into the marble fountain,

that shimmers with the lights all around me.

My eyes are lone pools that the rain has made,

glimmering clear,

they will always be here.

Theres a rushing sound in one ear.


Do you ever worry you’re losing yourself

as you slip into the sea?

As its soft echoing whisper, questions

who you’re meant to be?

Do summer gales unbalance you

with the sweetest contact?

Why do the rocks surrounding me press their shadows like shackles,

so that I cannot unfold my wings?

If there is a reason to be here,

then is it right to mourn the loss of time?

Maybe if these questions starve for long enough,

I can stretch my wings

leap from this rock

and fly.

For stitch

Hurry now, hurry now

the clock is ticking

over head ivory moonlight no longer bathes us

you are terribly late.

The fairy tale is drawing to a close,

so hold me close for a moment longer,

before sliding away,

into silky climbing ivy.

Hurry now, hurry now,

as you clatter through forgotten cobbles,

your glass slipper shatters,

your veil catches in a pricker

rain washes your make up away.

Hurry now hurry now,

to the beat of a ticking clock,

dance in a slow circle,

in an ash of fallen leaves,

that rustle with your breath.

Dancing in the forest,

a wide arch

open your eyes.

Your are beautiful when other think not.

Singing in silence is not a sin.

Hurry now,

hurry now,

cricket conductors do not like to be kept waiting…

A michevious function

a dashing smile tosses

to me from you

back and forth.


and me

a blurry dream

of what could be

becomes real for me.