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We poured a river

That flowed into an ocean.

I fell asleep somewhere cold

And in the peripheral between consciousness

I realized you’d left.

But were those years thrown to waste?

Its seems like something new

But really,

How can that be true

When the icy clasp of isolation tethered me so slowly.

Our lives were once connected

With a thick, woven rope.

How easily those ties

Became the bane of my memories.

Don’t tell me there was no time,

When it seems I’ve been drowning in it.

I still sleep somewhere cold,

A cold place deep within me.


Buee, Buee

It is time to sleep

But my mind cannot rest

Cannot slumber.

Buee, Buee

The lights are gone from this earth,

But it’s bright enough in my head

With a million people chattering,

A million stories sprinting.

Buee, Buee

The house is quiet

So I’ll sit at these keys,

And wait till sleep is in sight.

But for now,

I duck into the online world,

Clock back some hours,

And wait some more.

* Buee means hush in japanese