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Slay him

rewrite it

it’s the only way out of this game.

But how can that be so,


when who knows who will survive the demon

and fall to certain boss death.

No time for fear,


we can’t stay lost forever in this quest

a prelude to anĀ escapadeĀ of dungeons and dragons.

Toss your hair from your face


lead your sword to battle.

I’m here by your side,

together we face off,

back to back

it’s a game.

A simple game.

Then why does it make my heart race?

Pay no heed to that,

we must fight

or face certain boss death.


All City,

burn burn burn

through a glitz of ether and lithium.

Trust me dear city,

the rain was meant

to taste of stale gasoline.

Within the sleeping giant

a million blue flames flicker,

burn burn burn


by a pale shock

of oil and octane.

All City,

your night bears no end

for the cold neon streets.

Flooded by wind

You drink in the lights,


and say a prayer.

Because nothing is as dear to you as

this All City.

Its rigged.

Its hacked.

I laugh,

knowing if I willed it,

this city would

burn burn burn.

But how would I pass my time

if I ceased

to revel in the power

of this wired life?