Looking for the years?

You’ll find them in my watch

Where they click away,

An instantaneous mess.


I’m searching for them in the sky,

The memories I’ve lost

A waste of time,

You’ll find them hardwired in my arm

Along with my nerves.

When I set fire to my home,

And patched my soul with staples,

I kept whispering

through clenched teeth:

Don’t forget.

But something tells me

I won’t.

On October 3rd, the fans of Fullmetal Alchemist celebrate FMA Day, because we believe Fullmetal is so much more than an anime to many of us. Edward Elric, the main character, was more than the millions of other male anime characters. And during those mere 51 episodes, we took Edward’s hand, hopped through the screen, and shadowed him on his journey. Fullmetal touched the lives of many people. I remember tears coming to my eyes as I read the story of a girl who had been in a car accident, which resulted in her leg being amputated. All the color left her world, as did the desire to live. Until she found Fullmetal Alchemist on television, which was a story about a boy, who loses his arm and his leg, but presses forward, lives on, because he knows he must make things right again. She said that was the turning point for her, seeing someone like her accomplish these amazing things gave her hope. Other people I’ve heard of have said that Ed’s bond to his brother Alphonse, brought them closer to their own siblings, or family members.  The death of Ed’s mother helped others through their own grieving, because they felt they could identify with someone who understood their pain.

It made me people laugh, smile, cry. It sparked a love for science and math, filled me with determination. We think of Ed on october 3rd because on that day, he left home, knowing he would not return. It was on that day that Ed opened the door to his future, and locked the door behind him. The key to the door still jangles on its ring, to keep him from forgetting. So, on october 3rd, Fullmetal fans dress up as Ed, plait their hair, stand tall no matter how short, attempt alchemy, draw, paint, write about Ed, because we are not just celebrating Edward Elric, but the way that the Fullmetal Alchemist touched our lives.

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