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If you watch your life from a distance,

Can you embody a feeling?

So that when

You feel alone,

You can yell

“Stop right there”

If all you are

Hates who

You’ve been,

Shouldn’t you get the chance

Pin point where you lost it

And take it back?

Shouldn’t it all account for something?

And if all you are

Is who you’ve been then,

What’s there left to feel?

For Kyo


Dear Me

Dear Me


Casted from the wing

Of the bluebirds illusion


A forest

Walled on either sides

Exhales at long last,

Murmurs in its dreams.

Dear Me

Dear Me

A hand clasped within mine

Is smiled at

From below

The dreaming maze.



Dear Bluebird

Will your illusion,

Still surreal through

Many a cascade of years,


A hand clasped in mine

In the wading dawn,

Is all we need.

Up on my shoulders, you reach for flowers,

Unreachable on the cliff wall,

A bluebird weaves them into its wings

And rejoins

The soft, green

That it’s illusion has allowed us to grasp.