What happened today,

Shouldn’t have happened.

There is no hand of justification

To tip fate’s scales,

And bring them back.

Bring them all back.

What were they going to learn that day?

Did they continue in excited hushes,

Chattering on,

while the teacher wrote at the board?

Did they get a feeling,

a stirring within,

a warning?

What was their last word, thought, dream?

With both hands, I hang from the clock,

Trying to make it run backwards,

Having no hope it could.

Long ago , I was told

God does not forsake His children.

With shuddering, cold thought,

I grapple with my faith,

Begging myself to believe that.

The children in my class?

Do they not understand?

Do they not care?

To laugh

At slain souls,

Is there no humanity left?

To those lost souls,

I won’t let time wash over this,

Fade it.

I know it will not fade

In the lives of those families.

To those lost souls,

I love you,

I won’t forget you.

Because what happened today

Shouldn’t have happened.