Such Selfish Machines


Sinful Devices

Us humans have grown to be.

Rage, tear this place apart,

No one knows what’s happening when it all falls apart

When the Red melts the White and Blue, salute;

The New National anthem

Pierces the Veil,

Superiority punctured; blood streams forth.

 When blade slays man,

Have you not become a

Selfish Machine,

A Sinful Device?

Perhaps the Satan of Purity can reconcile you,

Before we all let the rage

Tear this place apart.

A hundred Sleepless Nights proved me wrong

Time and time and time again,

Or at least that’s what my tattoo says.

And somewhere up in heaven; forlorn,

God realizes He wanted the Sinful Devices of the world,

To fall in love with us

Selfish Machines.