by ~ChibiStarLyte

I write to suffer
I write to feel
I write when I think
That nothing is real

I write when I’m down,
And alone in my bed
I write out the thoughts
Buzzing in my head

I write out of fear
I write out of love
I write out of heartache
To the spirits above

I write when in pain,
Sometimes for joy
I play with each word
As if it were a toy

I write some blank pages
I write on my skin
I just write all over
My soul within

Written with blood
Carved into stone
Listing my sins
So I may atone

I write in poetry
I write in prose I write when I’m nothing,
When my emptiness grows

I write to exist,
And to disappear
I write when enveloped
By nothing but fear

I write to speak,
Let my voice be heard
I write to express
Every powerful word

I write for breath
I write for me
I write so that others
Can see what I see

I write when hot tears
Cascade down my face
I write in frustration
Against life’s rapid race

I write when my heart
Is pounding in my ears,
When emotions run high,
When shedding my tears

I write to laugh
I write to cry
I write to live
I write to die

I write when I’m floating
On the lightest whim
I pour my heart out
And it’s all for him

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