Hurry now, hurry now

the clock is ticking

over head ivory moonlight no longer bathes us

you are terribly late.

The fairy tale is drawing to a close,

so hold me close for a moment longer,

before sliding away,

into silky climbing ivy.

Hurry now, hurry now,

as you clatter through forgotten cobbles,

your glass slipper shatters,

your veil catches in a pricker

rain washes your make up away.

Hurry now hurry now,

to the beat of a ticking clock,

dance in a slow circle,

in an ash of fallen leaves,

that rustle with your breath.

Dancing in the forest,

a wide arch

open your eyes.

Your are beautiful when other think not.

Singing in silence is not a sin.

Hurry now,

hurry now,

cricket conductors do not like to be kept waiting…