So, tonight I was fishing around Keplers bookstore, since the book I’d been hoping to acquire came into stock the next day, I decided to look for the Manga section. Though it was pretty limited,  I immediately found a familiar one. “Om my gosh! It’s inuyasha!” I called, swiping it from the shelf. I’d seen the entire anime, and absolutely adored the characters and the plotline, so this was awesome! To finally be able to find it in book form! They only had two volumes: 6 and 7, so I began reading volume 6. Wow. I remembered the time spent watching inuyasha. I’d first been introduced to it in kindergarten by Mackenzie, my BFF, but I don’t think I understood the plot at all(the storyline is complex, and the episodes I saw where random ones from whenever I’d come over, so each viewing of it was like starting a new story that I never finished.) This year, I decided to actually watch it from start to the last episode way off in the distance. About 180+ episodes! My first anime! And, unlike when I was little, I watched it in Japanese, with english subs. That is where I picked up my first phrases in Japanese.

So, anyway, finding that manga tonight was like opening up a uneplored door to a loved part of my childhood. The plot is so creative, interesting, and above all, full of twists. And the characters! They all have such distinct personality! Shippo, the baby fox demon is sort of a cute little crybaby. Miroku is a very “weird” monk. Inuyasha ia loner, accepts-no-help sort of fighter.

And so, Inuyasha as a whole, is truly amazing.