Pure is impure.

Impure is pure.

Good is bad.

Bad is good.

To live is to die.

To die is to live.

Can this be true? To strive for goodness and purity is a tarnishing act? Is the road to hell really paved with good intentions? More so, I guess I am not grasping the difference in intentions and striving for something. Those who try to achieve perfection are plagued by fear of anything, but do not let it show, though it festers. Yet, as humans, we are impure, flawed beings. So, what is like to be Godlike? The saints who have feast days, were they perfect? And if so, does that make them superhuman, if not physically, then mentally? I should think not. Has anyone ever considered how many facets of perfection there are? Think about it, to be perfect, do we master just one side, or is it a simple matter of achieving utter flawless ness, and putting the diamond toghther, one big three dimensional puzzle of a person. But, really, nothing at all, not even our dear Lord, in my opinion, can live without mistakes. This is so, because, something absolutely right in this person’s eyes is horribly wrong to the next person.

Then, there is the aspect of”what if”. What if everyone one of Earth was flawless. We would have to look the same, not a slight change, absolutely symmetrical. So, there would be no different races, only one universal race., which could mean no racists. But, nobody could ever be able to think a single though of their own. Because, complete and utter perfection could mean no conflicts, differences of opinion. Disagree? Good, that means your human. Human’s don’t let things go, they hold them tight, so these topics will be discussed over and over, and will never get an answer, that much is evident. But, if you were to ask me, being perfect sounds like being locked up and bound. And, to be jailed is certainly not perfect, so, I think the concept of perfection is meaningless.