“Hey, do you know what Mer is?” Avery asked, swimming up to Ally. It was PE, swim day, all around us kids dove and screamed, splashed and shouted. I was hanging out on the side, my arms lolled over the edge of the gutterway where water spilled in.

“The stuff that the wise men brought baby Jesus?” She really did say that. I remember that conversation, perfectly. I remember hearing them talk as though the world could not listen.

“No, Ally! The Mer! I guess you would know them as mermaids” She said, leaning in closer, her voice quieter. “Well, I’m one of them, and so are you!” She smiled, demonstrating a perfect dolphin kick from the deep end and back.

“How can you tell?” Ally asked, her eyes gleaming with delight of being a Mer. It was evident on her face that she believed Avery  full-heartedly.

“Well, the Mer, us, are graceful in the water, we feel at home, we can go great lengths without a breath of Air!” She sneered the word, as though it disgusted her. “And, “she said. “The sea calls to us, we can hear it, the pull the Mer singing. We dream of them. Can’t you?”

“Yeah, I have always loved the sea, and lately, I’ve been dreaming of mermaids, so…”

Ally and Avery swam off, dolphin kicking and weaving through splashing children. I looked after them, watching them swim away, wondering how what I’d just heard coul be real.

*All names have been changed for the privacy of the students at my school. But, If “Ally” and “Avery” were ever to read this, i’m sure they’d recognize themselves.

The story isn’t over, more about my school’s Deep Sea girls, and How they became the Sea, coming very soon!

My eyes turned blue and green,

I heard a gorgeous sound,

and that’s when it became a dream.

When the sky fell in,

When the hurricanes came from me,

I could finally crash again,

and that’s how I became the sea.

~Adam Young