So there was this beautiful princess.

And she lived in Tokyo. And her royal family were the keepers and protectors of the Sacred Shrine.

And this girl, she had large, glimmering eyes that poured out searching light. Her long black hair hung in in locks, shadowing her mysterious doe-eyes.

And there was this aggravated Knight.

Who had long, radiant white hair that fell down his back. Brilliant amber eyes glared and ridiculed the world.

Tired of being the shadow of his big brother, he desired the SAcred Jewel, in which he would become powerful. Mighty. Able to kill the ice cold figure that was his eldest brother.

For he was only half the demon his brother was, literally.

But this boy fell in love with a priestess, protector of the  Shikon Sacred Jewel. But greed got ahold of his heart, wrapped its steely claws around it, and pulled. The boy killed his love.

He was sealed to a tree by a sacred arrow, and never regained consciousness.

The princess(not priestess) fell into the old well in her Family’s Shrine, and woke up at the other side.

She climbed out. And all around her was the world of a thousand years ago.

She wandered, into the forest, and came across the snowy-haired knight, held to a tree by grasping vines, shot through with an arrow. Climbing up to meet him, she stopped dead.

Wolf ears, This boy had wolf Ears.

tentatively, she reached out to stroke such ears. The boys eyes flicked open.

“Yo, Kikyo,” He said, mocking anger heavy in his low, sarcastic voice.