My blood dripped to the ground. Slowly. So slowly the forest around me began to pulse red. Red sky. crimson trees. Blood tinged river.

As my blood gushed my beloved began to tow me. His clammy fingers digging into my wrists. Pulling. Dragging. Struggling. Slipping.

Yanking me up, he carried me, my blood stained into his clothes, but he didn’t make a sound. My peripheral was dark and allusive. Shadows on the edges. The unknown reaching for me.

And I was so heavy in his arms. Losing his grip, he lowered me into the crimson-hinted water. Kissed me.

And slowly let me drown.

Many of you are probably about to snap of the blog, accuse its writer of morbidity, and never read it again. Be my guest, but first! Finish reading this legit reason for writing this.

Late at night, I was falling asleep to music, and the song Heavy in You Arms by Florence and The Machine, played. There was such a vivid mental picture of this guy dragging this beautiful Goth girl through the woods, blood streaming from her, and he slowly and sweetly brought her to the surface of the river, paused to kiss her, before lowering her into the rivers jaws. So very slowly, he let her drown. As bizarre as this all sounds, that’s how I see this song. Anyhoo, last night, the little piece above began to scrawl itself(in terrible handwriting, of course) in my brain.It was really late, but I often have issues falling asleep before twelve or later, so grudgingly, I flicked on the light, pulled out the bedside note-book, kept for such occasions, and wrote. When I finally finished writing this, I chucked the notebook, I really did,( I’m lucky no one woke up) and went back to sleep. The very same sleep which finally came and hour later.Yay.

As weird, and “emo” as the song sounds, I really like it, and recommend it, though most other people would find it terrible. I have a very mismatched and contrasting taste in music. Maybe the better word would be “variety”. (Snort) Call it what you may, to the losers that are my best friends, its weird.