Okay, so there is this girl. Who lives in this dreamland. And this girl is mean. She lies, she schemes, the term friend doesn’t exist for her, just decoy.

Let’s call our girl one of her nicknames for ease of reading’s sake, shall we? Hmmm, probably the most recent name, is  Fences*. So, Fences and I are in the same grade at the same school, sadly.We have been since third grade.

Flash back to third grade. She had no friends. But she had me. I guess I was never her friend, though she could have fooled me. All this time, and now she turns on me. So maybe she alway’s knew she would toss me away when she a got a brand new set of friends. Maybe not. Don’t know, don’t care.

But this year, she turns into bully. Yeah, bully sounds like a wimpy word, I know, but I don’t want to be a cyberbully myself, so I am trying not to exaggerate or make up details that sound good, but are false.

Anyway, Fences turned into this mean, cold, cutting girl. I don’t know what changed in her, but something did. Little things would flip her personality, until it was a raging monster. That is actually not an exaggeration. She would literally follow me when yelling insults at me. Even as I turned corners, and did sharp double-backs, she would still be behind me. Scary.

The things she would tell me, I hated it. Your such a mean person! Why am I friends with such a jerk like you? There is so much you don’t know about yourself! Like how mean you are, and how much of a jerk you are. You don’t know anything! You know nothing about yourself, and how much you need to grow up!

Her words, not mine, never mine. Okay, so it may seem like I am trying to prove my self utterly innocent. That’s not what I’m saying, not at all.

And I’m not saying that I’m being tormented by this horrible child. No, the teachers are dealing with it. I am saying that this was a really weird, and hard awakening for me, and that I want to talk about it. To have to wake up, and realize that today, you need to wrench yourself clean out of what you thought was a friend that really understood and accepted me. No joke, I thought she was going to be a really good friend. Even the first few times she would explode at me, earlier this year, I didn’t yell back at her. And when I’d tell her to shut up or be quiet, to stop yelling at me and leave me alone, I would apologize later. Because i wanted to keep what few friends I had.

An agreement was made to that we would never be friends again, ever. This was in the school’s counselor’s room. At school, I would pretend she did not go to this school, that she was invisible.Forever.

And now it seems, that forever, a forever of working to ignore, is just beginning.