Do you believe in ghosts? Karma? Are you superstitious? For some odd reason, I am a bizarre mixture of the three. I do not believe in knocking on wood, or spilling salt, and all the rest. But, When I am walking in a dark hallway, I end up running, for fear of zombies. I never turn my back on a mirror, or turn away from one without making sure my face had not turned into a freaky monster thing.  And I never turn my music off at night, because hearing sweet, familiar music, though my rock music is not the sweetest of the bunch, at the witching hour of 3:00 AM is rather comforing.It’s bizzare, I’ll be the first to admit, but you never know…

You never know whats lurking when you’re not looking,

or whats the substance of those creepy basement-living shadows,

why the furnace snarls at you,

and the reason for the creaking at night, the very same that sound like footsteps on your roof.

You will never know how surreal your world is

until you leave it.