Internet Friends,

I am uploading the preface for my book, which is yet to have a title. Enjoy!


The massive gray wolf advanced toward where I lay broken and bleeding in the snow. And I knew I had seconds left, no matter the shallow wounds I’d given my attacker, he was still winning, slashing at my upraised arms that were feebly trying to protect my face. With every ounce of strength I had left, I threw my legs into a wrenching kick straight into the wolf’s broad chest. He flew back from impact, snarling viciously, rage burning deep in the depths of his eyes.  Scrambling up to his feet, pausing only to shake the snow and ice crystals from his fur, he crouched, tensing his leonine muscles. The wolf then sprang, launching himself at me, claws out before him, ready, dagger teeth exposed in an ever-widening enraged sneer.  Even as I saw him launch, I could not move, I could not scream, paralyzed and silenced by fear and pain as I was, the fresh blood pouring from my wounded arms, legs and stomach created a haze in my brain, pulling me into suffocating darkness, drowning me in more pain. I could only lie on the bloodied snow, and loose the fight.