Wake Me If Your Out There If…….

  • You fall asleep to rock music
  • you sing when the crowd falls silent
  • You think: Screw dancing in the rain, try a blizzard!
  • if you’re an introvert who looks on to their extrovert friends with maybe-their-crazy-caution
  • you can listen to the voices on the wind, that originated from Australia
  • you think most video game food looks delicious
  • You wanted to be a fighter Pilot after watching Top Gun
  • You switch in and out of english and Fantasy Book languages
  • You would go to the future in a time machine, Because who wants a re-run?
  • You can recite your favorite books cover to cover
  • You would jump at the chance to skydive (haha, pun intended)
  • Horses rule your world
  • You have had a snowball fight in Mid-July
  • You and your best friends have strange nicknames, some of them you got off a dog naming sight
  • You have zero hand-eye cordnation
  • You wonder how to think if you know no language
  • You dream in books
  • You would love to be a wolf girl, wolf boy, wolf person