“Follow in My Foot Steps”

Said She

From a void above

“Prove the Power of love”

He whispered

In a downy world of clouds

“Be a flicker in a desolate night”

They chorused together

From the border of mountain and atmosphere

“But who are you?”

I asked

To the twinkling waters, and the ice

To the dancing grass, and the dreaming trees,

Over, to the old brook, and chattering pond.

Beyond, past the peaks, and pastures,

To the open air.

“I am”

it replied

” all to whom you are asking

and all unregarded

The questions un-asked

the songs unuttered

the petals yet to fall

and the tears waiting to be shed.”

“It tells me nothing”

I called

“You need not to know anything”

they called

“Only our name, and her title, and his calling.”


I shouted.


They whispered, and faded out and away

riding the winds.