Imagine a friend. A best friend. Someone who gets you. You laugh with , go on adventures. Never once in their presence have you been afraid they would turn on you.

Because that is how it is. She is my best friend, and I am her’s. That is how it should be.

You never hold back, you say whats on your mind. Some how, those best friend types seem to have a talent in making your brain-gunk seem understandable.

A shoulder to cry on. A protector, some one to protect. A sister, life long companions.

And we understand each other.

Why else would we spend hours geeking out over computer games, Anime, wolves, and other worlds.

Or ranting about this book character, and that episode of this show.

Fighting is seldom, few and far between.

We are parts of each other’s family.

And for all these reason’s, I’d like to thank my best friend, Mackenzie.

Rock on girl.

How do you paint a feeling, sketch music, describe a phenomenon? I don’t know, but this blog shows I can try.

Your amazing, forever and always.