I am a writer. Obviously, since you are reading my blog, I must have a passion for the literary arts. Anyways, and I’d bet any writer would agree with me, my characters are real(to me) and I cannot make them be anything but themselves. My favorite “friend”, is Devon. Similar to my normal, reality friends, she has a very distinct personality, so when working with her, I can’t make her do something that is not how her traits and mind-set would naturally lead her to act. A little about her: she is exceptionally aware of sounds, sights around, as she had a most unusual upbringing. A wild situation, that one is, and I will be posting bits of the story later, so you may read for yourself. She loves rock music, and has zero patience for that slow wimpy stuff. You know what she means. And she is brave. Brilliant. And very confused with all things of the human world. We get along very well, naturally. I tend to jabber on about her to my class mates until they look at me with maybe-she-is-insane looks. My favorite part about Dev is that she is better than an “Imaginary friend”. Those guys are very private, and they tend to fade away. Yeah, never had that problem with this girl, she has arguments, conversations, sob-fests, all in my head. It’ll be a sad, crazy day when she is silent for over an hour. But that’s why I write. for my characters, to live with them in their worlds. That’s why I deal with them.