Middle School. A phrase all of us look unto with unpleasant memories, or perhaps a chuckle for fond reminiscing that come flooding to you now. I tend to agree with the first reaction.
Close your eyes. Now imagine your tallish, a writer, an introvert, someone who is not easily copied, and tough(which some interpret as cold). That is a facet of me. Middle School is strange because, naturally, about thirty new kids got accepted to my grade, so the bulk of the sixth grade was around seventy. Stranger yet, to see brand new kids surrounded by groups of friends when you have one or two friends, one who, most of the time, is off in some dreamland, or being mean to you exclusively. I do not feel like I have to be surrounded by friends, on the contrairy, I prefer to be alone, but really,  the new kids must really tone down their smug aura, it’s dizzying.
But really, I like staying behind the crowds, following a few feet behind, to observe why these strange children act the way they do.  They’re very scatter-brained, unable to stick to one subject for more than a few seconds, distracted by trivial things, that really, are not so important, if you REALLY want to take a semi-close look at life. Haha. But there are some kids, one of them in particular, who has shown to rise above. This girl is shot through with individuality, and we became fast friends.

But sometimes, when the girl is off with her other group friends, I wonder, why I fade into the background, like an arctic fox in a blizzard.